Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Our Approach

To put it simply, trying to fix weaknesses is far less powerful and impactful than understanding what you naturally do best and building those talents to drive success. This is the foundation for our management and team development programs.

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About Us

Tracy Phillips


Director and Principal Coach       

Tracy is a Gallup Certified Coach with over 12 years experience in Strengthsfinders and strength performance coaching for businesses across a number of geographies. Sixteen years of experience as a Human Performance Manager with Accenture and a Global Learning and Development Consultant with Microsoft ensuring she understands your business, both the reality of today and the vision for the future. Tracy has helped hundreds of individuals and dozens of teams to grasp their talents and understand how to develop them into strengths.

Dr. Jan Peters



Jan Peters has led and participated in research projects, advisory bodies and programmes aimed at addressing diversity and inclusion. In 2017, she was awarded an MBE for her services to women in engineering and science.  Her aim has always been to grow momentum for change: systematically making an impact through gathering compelling evidence, identifying the issues, setting benchmarks, highlighting the areas for action and communicating success. Now Jan has distilled her many resources into a single toolset for inclusive engineering – directed at achieving parity not just for women – but for everyone.

Florence Hardy


Associate (France)     

Start with why and follow quickly with talent: Florence’s purpose is to support leaders, teams and people to achieve sustainable performance through emergence of shared purpose and by leveraging everyone’s unique talents.  As a coach, Florence puts her own strengths to work: using input to provide tangible tools ; positivity to infuse enthusiasm and energy ; connectedness to bridge people and silos.  Florence works in English and in French, often in multi-cultural environments.